In Tank Inspection and Maintenance Awareness

It is important that tank inspection and maintenance be included as part of your system operation. Every tank will require periodic inspection and maintenance. Exterior and interior inspections and maintenance are needed to keep your tank in proper operating condition.

Exterior Tank Inspection

Performed yearly and focuses on the exterior portions of the tank. This can be done while the tank is in service, and includes the following inspections:

  • All safety and information related decals for legibility
  • Overflow pipes, overflow weirs and pipe terminations to assure that they will perform the functions they were designed for
  • Ventilation systems, including screens designed to prevent birds, insects and debris from entering the tank
  • Inspect the exterior coating of the tank for possible damage
  • Ladders, locks, platforms, ladder cages and safety climbing devices (if specified) for corrosion and/or damage

Interior Tank Inspection

Performed per manufacturer’s recommended intervals. Focuses on the interior portions of the tank, is performed while the tank is out of service, and includes the following inspections:

  • Internal sheet and roof coating integrity, particularly in areas where external damage may have occurred
  • Tank/roof coating in general
  • Condition of the sealant used in all joints, at the tank wall-to-floor junction, in the area of sumps, and other tank or floor penetrations
  • Coating on galvanized parts
  • Other interior tank components, riser pipes, level gauges, overflow weirs, etc.
  • Inspect the floor as appropriate for the floor type – some tank floors are steel or glass-fused-to-steel; other floors are coated or uncoated concrete

Sealant Cosmetic Touch-Ups

Sealant Cosmetic Touchups

Engineering America’s professional service team pressure washes and cleans the tank exterior walls, removes existing sealer and replaces it with new polyurethane sealer. They also install HDPE plastic covers over exterior nuts and washers, leaving a bright, clean and refreshed tank. 

This process is a smart, cost-effective way to give your tank a facelift.

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection

Aquastore’s cathodic protection system consists of sacrificial anodes to protect the rebar, mitigate corrosion and provide protection to internal submerged surfaces of the tank. The system is simple and reliable, and requires only minimum inspection and maintenance.

Exterior Pressure Washing

Exterior Pressure Washing

Having our expert team give your tank a scheduled facelift is the smart way to maintain a beautiful tank. We use industrial pressure washing to remove the stains, grime, mildew and graffiti that inevitably build up over time, leaving a bright, shiny, like-new tank in its place. The visual difference in the before and after is truly amazing - The value is clear.

Tank Expansion and/or Panel Replacement

Tank Expansion Panel Replacement

Storm damage or vandalism can leave your tank in need of repair. Our experienced, professional team replaces panels with precision to make your tank good as new again. Aquastore tanks can be expanded or relocated to accommodate future requirements.