Agricultural Solutions

Ag-Tank™ is the world’s finest agricultural driven storage system designed for your exact needs, location and farm requirements. With over 37 years of experience with storage of all agricultural wastes, EA Tanks provides the absolute highest quality tank on the market today with the lowest lifecycle costs, mininmal maintenance and 100% NRCS-approved designs. We have the capabilities to suit your specific needs. Unline most tank companies who only can provide their customers with a “standard” tank, we have the flexibility to provide you with a custom solution. Each of our tank systems engineered to fit your applications because we understand that each situation is different. 

With a history dating back to 1948, Glass-Fused-to-Steel Silos provide clean and efficient storage of grains and forage.  The secure sealed system of storage with various capacities gives significant benefits to livestock producers:

  • High quality feed grain
  • Maximised nutrient value of the feed with lower moisture loss
  • Natural conservation without use of chemicals
  • No drying costs
  • Exclusion of vermin and birds
  • Natural suppression of diseases and weeds by the dark, oxygen limiting environment
  • Suitability for organically grown produce
  • Traceability of inputs for accreditation schemes
  • Permits earlier harvesting to eliminate drying costs
  • Harvesting flexibility and buffer storage for existing grain storage systems
  • Greater palatability for livestock
  • High digestibility for livestock
  • High animal growth rates and feed conversion efficiency

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