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Things to Consider Before Building a Dreamy Contemporary Tropical Home

If you watch Netflix’s Extraordinary Homes, you’d see a lot of tropical-themed homes featured in the show, with never-before-seen architectural details and layouts. Unlike typical homes that are built on flat residential lands, tropical homes are built around nature. Even if the land has a jutting rock formation or a hundred-year-old tree on it, the

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sketching floor plan

Architecture and Interior Design Trends for Commercial Properties in 2021

Throughout history, massive societal changes and the emergence of various diseases have influenced the way buildings and structures are designed and built. The effects of climate change and the COVID-19 crisis will be no different, with global warming and the pandemic making a significant impact on how properties will be designed and built moving forward. Here are some architectural

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Essential Gear and Knowledge for the Budding Architect

Are you mesmerized by the sight of buildings or large structures? Do you have the knack of drawing geometrical shapes but in a more creative way? If you say yes to all of those, then you must have the potential to be an architect in the future. It is a great profession, but it has

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Car Safety in Hot Aussie Summers

The heatwaves in Australia are getting intense, hot enough to melt asphalt. Driving in the heat or leaving your car out in the sun is becoming more dangerous, and tragedies have already been reported. Don’t Leave Your Kids or Pets in the Car If you’re parked outside, temperatures inside your car can reach 70°C. Two

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What Defines Scandinavian Architecture?

Scandinavian architecture is defined by simplicity, craftsmanship, and functionality. This timeless aesthetic is perfect for anyone who values both form and function. What is Scandinavian architecture? Scandinavian design and architecture are characterized by clean lines, durable natural materials, and utility, emphasizing quality over quantity. The overarching philosophy behind this architectural and design style is to

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Decorative design

Durable Decorative Materials That Every Home Needs

How do you choose the furniture and decorative materials in your home? Many homeowners are too focused on how the furniture and fixture look that they forget to check the durability of the materials. Redecorating a home every five years because the furniture you initially bought did not stand the test of time is time-consuming

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Some of America’s Most Overlooked Architectural Wonders

American architecture has long been overlooked in the art world, mostly because of how diverse its style is; unlike other architectural styles, American architecture doesn’t fit one, single description. Rather, American architecture, much like Americans themselves, take some of the best parts of European and World art and juxtaposes it to the American context and

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