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10 Most Common Things That May Be Fire Hazards

A house fire can happen unexpectedly, spread quickly, and cause massive devastation to lives and property. Fortunately, house fires are preventable, but it doesn’t just involve changing the batteries of your smoke detector and replacing your fire extinguisher regularly. There are many possible fire hazards in the home, from the most obvious ones such as

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Big Changes: Modernize Your Home Inside and Out

Houses can last a long time. Some people move into homes that are a hundred years old. That can be a problem for some people who are more used to modern designs. Fortunately, you can fix all that if you have the budget. Here are some potential changes that can modernize your home for the

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Bath bombs

The Fizz and Bubbles: the Science Behind Bath Bombs

After a long day of work or school, one of the best ways to de-stress and relax is a long, hot bath. You can spice it up with some candles, a glass of wine, and therapeutic music, but none of those can rival the excitement of a bath bomb. Since 2015, people have been soaked

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Keeping Cabin Fever at Bay: Enjoying Your Time at Home

People often dream about having more spare time in their hands. But it is different when you are stuck in your home for an uncertain period. Boredom, anxiety, and cabin fever might steal the joy of having free time. How can you make your time at home enjoyable and productive? Love Your Home What used

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warm up

Three Ways to Focus on Your Warm-ups and Improve Your Entire Workout

We’re all familiar with the value of doing warm-ups before engaging in physical exercise. Schoolchildren go through a series of drills before their coach lets them play any sport. Whenever you watch professional sports, you’ll see teams and individual athletes engaging in similar routines before the first whistle. Warming up gets you in the groove

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Back to the 2000s: A Trip Down Memory Lane

The best childhood memories are mostly created in one’s own home, whether they have siblings or not. Given that the pandemic is still far from over and everyone is ordered to stay home, you may help feel nostalgic at some point. This is especially true if you are staying at the house you grew up

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