Tank Life Cycle Services

EA Tanks offers your project an unparalleled combination of products, knowledge of storage solutions, environmental conditions, and known local market variables - as well as a full set of inspections and life cycle services. We are committed as a partner offering ongoing service for the life of the tank. 

When you selected the Glass-Fused-to-Steel storage tank, you selected a tank with one of the lowest maintenance requirements of any tank available today. However, even with the quality of glass tanks, it is recommended that periodic inspections be performed as a good preventive maintenance policy. At a minimum, it is recommended that you do a visual inspection of the interior and exterior of your tank every three to five years.

EA Tanks's service department provides complete tank inspections and other service needs including cathodic protection, panel replacements, sealant touch-ups, and professional recommendations.

If you would like to schedule a routine preventive maintenance inspection of your tank, or if you have any other service need, please send an email to the service department and we will get in contact with you as soon as possible to schedule a visit.

Construction Services

EA Tanks's team of project managers and construction personnel has built a solid reputation of integrity and commitment to our clients.

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It is important that tank inspection and maintenance be included as part of your system operation to keep your tank in proper operating condition.

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Cathodic Protection

The tank's passive cathodic protection system consists of sacrificial anodes to protect the rebar, mitigate corrosion and provide protection to internal submerged surfaces of the tank. The system is simple and reliable, and requires only minimum maintenance.

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Sealant Touch-Ups

EA Tanks’s dedicated service team removes existing sealer and replaces it with new polyurethane sealer. This process is a smart, cost-effective way to extend your tank's service life.

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Exterior Surface Cleaning

We use specialized cleaning equipment to remove the stains, grime, mildew and graffiti that inevitably build up over time, leaving a bright, shiny, like-new tank in its place.

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Installation of sidewall insulation and metal skin provide temperature control and freeze protection for your tank and its contents.

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Panel Replacement

Sever storm damage or vandalism can leave your tank in need of repair. Our experienced, dedicated team replaces panels with precision to make your tank perform like new again. Tanks have the ability to be expanded or relocated to accommodate future requirements.

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