(API) 12B Epoxy Coated Tanks w/ Gaskets

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In addition to epoxy steel tanks for water, EA Tanks offers tanks by Superior Tank Co., Inc. which comply with American Petroleum Institute SPEC Q1/12B standards.  Superior Tank Co., Inc is one of the only manufacturer’s in the world producing SPEC Q1 modular steel tanks.

These specialized chimed tanks are designed for housing various petrochemicals and range from 100 up to 10,000 bbls.  These tanks are available with specialized interior coatings formulated for corrosive liquids which are durable enough to contain a variety of hydrocarbon fluids.  The coatings are applied dry to the steel which is prepared to the Near White SSPC SP10/NACE No. 2 procedure to ensure outstanding adherence. When extremely corrosive liquids are stored, the Scotchkote by 3M coating system is used. The Scotchkote system has been used for decades in the petroleum industry with proven durability.

To eliminate leaks, Superior Tank modular tanks feature synthetic rubber Buna-N gaskets which are formulated to store petroleum distillates.  Buna-N gaskets are available in single, double or triple row configurations to match the number of rows of bolts used. For maximum durability and flexibility, two types of hardware are ordered: galvanized carbon steel nuts and bolts and encapsulated nuts and bolts. Specialized appurtenances designed to American Petroleum Institute specifications such as vapor proof roof hatches, shell nozzles and manways are available.  Other specialized equipment is offered on Superior Tanks such as internal piping and external roof rafters.