Flat Panel Epoxy Coated Tanks w/ Gaskets

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In addition to Glass-Fused-to-Steel bolted modular tanks and flat panel epoxy coated tanks from Permastore, EA Tanks is proud to now provide modular steel tanks manufactured by Superior Tank Company, Inc.  Superior Tank manufactures a wide range of modular tanks up to 3,500,000 gallons which are geared towards non-municipal and industrial water projects.  Available in both covered and open roof configurations, Superior tanks are well suited for various industrial water applications where a gasketed seal is required including storing fresh water or recovered water from mining and drilling processes.  The modular water tanks feature flat staves and single, double, triple, or quadruple rows of high strength bolts.  

Tanks with epoxy coating as well as tanks with a galvanized finish are available depending on customer needs and project requirements. Both types of tanks provide a durable and corrosion resistant finish.  The epoxy finish is applied at the factory and all tank components are completely sealed to protect against corrosion. In addition, epoxy tanks can be repaired in the field if damage occurs using a liquid coating.  Tanks with a galvanized finish are treated with zinc which metallurgically reacts with the steel to form an alloy coating on the metal surface.  Various hardware can be ordered with Superior Tanks including galvanized carbon steel, encapsulated and stainless steel nuts and bolts.