Composite Elevated Tanks

Elevated storage doesn’t have to drain your maintenance budget! For elevated storage, you want the most rapid construction, most advanced coatings, lowest maintenance and most effective pricing. Look no further than EA Tanks. Composite elevated tanks are used in water distribution systems to satisfy demand in periods of high water usage. They provide storage capacity for almost any system up to one million gallons capacity.


Tight completion deadlines are nearly impossible with other forms of elevated tank construction but they become easily attainable for EA Tanks composite elevated tanks. Commissioning will often be completed in half the time of conventional composite elevated tank fabrication. Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank construction can proceed in adverse weather conditions that would make welding or field-painting impossible.


EA Tanks is where you need us to be with five regional offices. Our clients have close accessibility to us. We are there when you need us most – with reliable service, support, and accountability.


The cost of our glass-fused-to-steel composite elevated tank is typically less than conventional composite construction. Our tanks offer more savings: shorter commissioning time schedules, no painting (unlike field painted tanks), and low routine maintenance costs. This all adds up to savings and the best price-top performance product in the market. With the option of a factory-designed cathodic protection system, you also receive a 10-year extended manufacturer’s warranty. Access ladders, intake piping, overflow, the storage of equipment and even the pumping station can be housed inside the column, adding to security and reducing the risk of vandalism. Obvious environmental limitations and liabilities of outdoor welding, sandblasting and painting are eliminated with a composite elevated tank.


Aluminum geodesic domes are available with all our composite elevated tanks. Having a tank and dome provided by the same manufacturer and installed as a turnkey package by EA Tanks is efficient and saves money