Tank Inspections

It is important that tank inspection and maintenance be included as part of your system operation. Every tank will require periodic inspection and preventative maintenance. Contact our service team to learn more. 

Exterior Tank Inspection

Exterior tank inspections are performed yearly. This can be done while the tank is in service and includes the following inspections:

  • Overflow pipes, overflow weirs and pipe terminations to ensure that they will perform the functions they were designed for
  • Ventilation systems, including screens designed to prevent birds, insects and debris from entering the tank
  • Inspect the exterior coating of the tank for possible damage
  • Ladders, locks, platforms, ladder cages and safety climbing devices (if specified) for corrosion and/or damage
  • Exterior sealer condition
  • Grounding of cathodic protection system
  • All safety and information related decals for legibility

Interior Tank Inspection

Performed per manufacturer’s recommended intervals, the interior portions are inspected while the tank is out of service and includes the following inspections:

  • Internal sheet and roof coating integrity, particularly in areas where external damage may have occurred
  • Condition of the sealant used in all joints, at the tank wall-to-floor junction, in the area of sumps, and other tank or floor penetrations
  • Coating on galvanized parts
  • Other interior tank components, riser pipes, level gauges, overflow weirs, etc.
  • Inspect the floor as appropriate for the floor type – some tank floors are steel or glass-fused-to-steel; other floors are coated or uncoated concrete